Success Cases

Opt-in Protocol

The launch of a new Blockchain for an existing community. The objective is to give the opportunity to migrate and obtain participation in the new chain. Discover how we help NEM Group to migrate + $ 7Bn with an open source code and available to the entire community.

The art world represents one of the sectors with the most fraud and counterfeiting throughout history.

Find out how we work together with the Encrypto Art team, led by renowned artist Lorenzo Quinn, in the development of a solution that allows to verify and exchange physical works thanks to NFT and digital assets on Blockchain.

The dHealth Mobile Wallet is one of the first softwares and access portals to the world of dHealth.

It consists of a wallet designed for the end user, completely focused on providing support and functionality to all the actions that need to be carried out quickly and easily. For this, the Mobile application has a very usable and simple interface, capable of generating a wallet and making a backup quickly thanks to the dHealth Paper Wallets as well as importing one if it had already been created previously.

CK Bull

The safest and easiest way to access your $CKB and assets on the Nervos network

Everything you need to discover and access the Nervos blockchain in your pocket.

CKBull allows you to create and access multiple mnemonics at the same time so that you have complete freedom to organize your accounts.

XRP Stamp is a data notarization platform launched on top of the XRPL blockchain.

Get it global, decentralised and trustful above all.
Data notarisation system.

Generate unique fingerprints for all your documents and ensure their accuracy with the most advanced cryptography. This record is recorded on a blockchain network that is impossible to modify, interrupt or corrupt.


Discover how we have developed +30 projects based on Blockchain technology in recent years and what products we can help you build. We don't need to tell you anything, check it out for yourself!