Coding the future of Blockchain

We collaborate with protocols, public and private organizations to deliver tailored blockchain implementations. Explore our cutting-edge expertise in protocol-level blockchain development, customized solutions for multinational corporations, pioneering projects with governments and digital currency (CBDC) exploration with central banks.

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Core Blockchain Development is key to our deep understanding of the technology, laying the foundation for innovation. Our expertise advances top blockchain protocols like XRPL

The XRP Ledger EVM brings Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility to XRPL, merging XRPL’s robust security features with Ethereum’s flexibility, enabling seamless Ethereum DApp deployment on XRPL

Central Banks representing 95% of global GDP are exploring CBDC solutions. At Peersyst we have experience the necessary financial knowledge, the technical skills, and, most important experience with several CBs pilots under our belt

In collaboration with Colombia’s Central Bank, we’ve piloted a wholesale CBDC to enhance high-value payment systems, leveraging Ripple’s energy-efficient XRPL platform.

Payments lie at the heart of blockchain’s transformative power. At Peersyst, we develop digital wallets as the fundamental gateway for seamless, secure blockchain interactions and digital payments.

Case study

The CBDC Wallet is a non-custodial solution designed for the average citizen, enabling easy use of retail CBDCs while simplifying blockchain interactions and offering unique offline functionality.

Tokenization is the process to upload to the blockchain any real asset or financial security. A recent report estimated the business opportunity for tokenized assets to be $16T

The Colombia Land Registry utilizes XRPL for digital notarization, certifying land ownership. This public registry enhances transparency and instills confidence among citizens.

Custom-made solutions for supply chain management, customer engagement, loyalty programs among others that improve internal processes and customer experience.

The Grupo Nutresa Loyalty Program unifies fragmented reward systems across its ecosystem with a token-based solution, serving as a quasi-cryptocurrency to enhance customer engagement.

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