We are Peersyst

A company dedicated 100% to the development of blockchain projects.

We research, define and develop the most advanced software on Blockchain technology.


With the same base of Blockchain technology, Peersyst works transparently with all its clients and communities. If possible in open-source, or failing that, publishing the projects we work on in different media, we always push technology openly and transparently.


Excellence is a goal that we constantly pursue. In an environment as evolutionary and open-source as the blockchain, it is essential that all developers work with the strictest programming practices to facilitate cooperation and scalability of all projects.


We are fully committed to our clients and communities. When we work on a project or technology, deadlines and involvement to achieve success are key. Peersyst works to achieve 100% success cases in all its collaborations.


Blockchain technology faces very significant usability challenges by definition. For this reason, all of our products prioritize ease, similarity, and simplicity in the use of technology to create enjoyable experiences that drive mass adoption.

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Our CEO and co-founder
Ferrán Prat - Peersyst CEO

Peersyst specializes in protocol-level blockchain development, leveraging this expertise to serve institutional clients, including central banks, comercial banks, governments and corporations.

Our goal is to lead in innovation, delivering robust and usable blockchain solutions tailored for businesses and organizations in the real world.

Ferran Prat
Peersyst CEO
Work with us!
Adrià Carrera
Peersyst CTO and co-founder

Peersyst: Pioneering Blockchain Innovation

Peersyst stands at the forefront of blockchain innovation. Our notable achievements include developing the XRP Ledger EVM Sidechain and its Bridge. With a history of collaboration across diverse networks and top customers such as governments and central banks, we bring a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to each project, setting us apart as pioneers in the blockchain space.

Join a World-Class Work Environment

Step into a world where your work makes a global impact. At Peersyst, you’ll enjoy the autonomy to innovate, backed by the support of a team that values flexibility and remote collaboration. Dive into projects that span the globe, enriching your professional experience. Here, your career growth aligns with our pioneering spirit, in an environment that nurtures both personal and professional development.

Adrià Carrera - Peersyst CTO
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