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We see NEAR as an important ally for developing and implementing this customer relationship strategy on a platform that offers us the benefits and security of blockchain technology, making it available to our customers, consumers, suppliers, employees, and other related groups of Grupo Nutresa.

Fabián Andrés Restrepo

Vicepresidente de Ventas y Transformación Digital de Grupo Nutresa y Presidente del Negocio de Pastas


Grupo Nutresa, a food processing powerhouse based in Colombia, has made its mark globally. With operations in 17 countries and a market presence in over 80, Grupo Nutresa is a testament to successful business expansion. The company boasts a portfolio of over 50 well-known brands, such as Noel, Colcafé, Zenú, Saltín Noel, Tosh, and Bon Bon Bum, catering to various tastes worldwide. Notably, in 2022, Grupo Nutresa’s revenues soared to COP 17.0 trillion (USD 4.4 billion), with a promising 10.85% CAGR during the last 20 years.

Grupo Nutresa’s strong commitment to sustainability has earned it a place in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Additionally, the company owns over 800 restaurants in Colombia and Central America, reinforcing its industry leadership position. Despite the substantial annual investment in customer and employee loyalty programs, their potential remained untapped due to fragmentation, prompting a need for a more efficient solution.

Challenge: Fragmentation decrease perceived value

Loyalty programs are instrumental in nurturing customer relationships and fostering a sense of belonging among employees. However, for Grupo Nutresa, the fragmentation of such programs posed several challenges.

  • Fragmentation: Numerous loyalty programs under different brands led to a lack of unified view and understanding of benefits, contributing to underuse and expiry of points.
  • Lack of Awareness: Employees and customers often were unaware of the accumulated points due to fragmentation, resulting in unused rewards and decreased perceived value.
  • Decreased Perceived Value: Redeeming points didn’t carry the same weight as using money, causing a reduction in their perceived value.
  • Limited Insight: Employees had limited insight into their enrollment across different programs, which made it challenging to have a comprehensive understanding of their accumulated benefits.
  • Technical Issues: Each loyalty program stored points in its unique internal database. These systems’ independence from each other made points susceptible to technical problems during program updates, affecting their seamless migration.

These issues highlighted a need for a unified, efficient, and intuitive loyalty program.

The solution: Nutresa points Token

To overcome the challenges posed by the fragmented loyalty programs, Grupo Nutresa, in collaboration with Peersyst, created a unified loyalty program using blockchain technology.

  • Nutresa Token: The cornerstone of this innovative solution is the Nutresa Token. It seamlessly links all loyalty programs and partner offerings, effectively creating a unified token economy within the Grupo Nutresa ecosystem. This strategic integration not only streamlines the process but also enhances user engagement.
  • Transparent Value: A distinctive feature of the Nutresa Token is its tangible value. Each token’s worth is clearly defined, elevating the perceived value of rewards and making the benefits more tangible to users. This transparency in valuation marks a significant shift from traditional loyalty programs, offering users a clearer understanding and appreciation of their rewards.

This transformative approach has redefined the loyalty program, evolving it into an integrated, user-friendly platform with a compelling value proposition for participants.

Nutresa Loyalty Admin Panel

The Nutresa Loyalty Admin Panel allowed Grupo Nutresa to manage the entire system, including the creation of new partners and programs, and user invitations. It also provided the ability to manage Nutresa token issuance and redemption, and monitor the usage statistics, offering insights for continuous improvement.

Pideky Escala App

As the primary touchpoint, the Pideky Escala App offers an engaging interface for users to manage their loyalty benefits. It simplifies using token balances across services, helps users understand and discover loyalty programs, and effortlessly connect with Nutresa’s partner network, enhancing the overall loyalty experience.

Payment Gateway

Essential for partner transactions, the Payment Gateway simplifies token-based payments. Designed to be as straightforward as traditional payment systems, it removes the complexity of blockchain for businesses, integrating seamlessly as a regular payment option.

Partner Panel

The Partner Panel is an innovative space where partners can showcase their products and services. It also allows them to conveniently redeem the tokens they’ve accumulated from transactions into monetary value, thereby closing the loop of the token economy.


Fungible Points

The Nutresa Token unifies multiple loyalty programs into one platform, effectively becoming a ‘currency’ for the Grupo Nutresa ecosystem. This streamlines user experience, facilitating easy points redemption across various brands, thus promoting flexibility and enhanced engagement.

Program Insights

With the solution, Grupo Nutresa gains real-time, valuable insights from user behavior data and token usage. This aids strategic decision-making, optimizes loyalty programs, and fosters enhanced employee and customer engagement across the group’s various brands.

Blockchain Abstraction

The solution leverages the benefits of blockchain technology, but abstracts users from its complexity. Users interact with a friendly app interface, unaware of the underlying blockchain mechanics, while enjoying secure and transparent digital transactions.

Marketing Oportunity

The Loyalty Program provides a unique platform for partners to engage program participants. Partners can promote their offerings, transforming loyalty points into a dynamic marketing tool that drives both user engagement and business growth.

A Leap into the Future of Customer Engagement

The Nutresa Loyalty Program, upon successful deployment for Nutresa employees, will be extended to the conglomerate’s vast customer base, targeting millions of users. This not only aligns with Nutresa’s vision of involving its employees and customers in the company’s success but also leverages data-driven strategies for enhancing internal decision-making and value delivery.

The project also provides a springboard for exploring new business opportunities that can instantly tap into Nutresa’s extensive customer base. Additionally, Nutresa envisions the integration of external partners into the platform. These partners will be able to offer their products and services to program users, thus amplifying the program’s value and reach.

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