abril 19, 2022

Blockchain technology is much more than an immutable database for recording monetary transactions. In recent years, it has allowed the generation of large and extensive international communities, which cover all corners of the world, which have been connected in a completely transversal way to their culture, gender or identity and which have established a new

marzo 8, 2022

Introducing One Os: The easiest and most usable way to access any Blockchain

febrero 9, 2022

What is Blockchain? Business, governance and society are based on trust. That’s why many people are still skeptical of hearing about a technology that promises to transform the way we achieve and apply trust between different stakeholders.  Imagine that one day you are walking through the center of your city, at rush hour, when suddenly

febrero 9, 2022

Last summer we heard the news that Alan Turing, British mathematician and considered the father of cryptography, had been chosen to be the new face of the 50-litre bitllet in the United Kingdom. His story is already part of popular culture, and as the film The Imitation Game narrates, he was the man who managed


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