Case studies

Peersyst + NEM

Opt-in Protocol

In March 2021, Peersyst developed the Opt-in protocol, a groundbreaking initiative sponsored by the NEM Group, to seamlessly migrate $7bn in XEM tokens to the Symbol blockchain. This open-source achievement facilitated the transfer of assets, multisignature accounts, and namespaces, establishing a new benchmark for blockchain migrations by ensuring unparalleled transparency, security, and continuity for the community.

Peersyst + Ripple


The XRPL EVM Bridge represents a groundbreaking development within the XRPL ecosystem, bridging XRPL with its EVM Sidechain and ensuring seamless interoperability across Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible networks. This innovation, underpinned by the XLS-38d amendment, introduces a decentralized, secure, and transparent method for asset transfers, enhancing utility and connectivity. It marks a significant stride towards a unified, expansive blockchain network.

Peersyst + Nutresa

Pideky Escala Loyalty

The Pideky Escala Loyalty Program, developed for Grupo Nutresa, transforms customer and employee engagement through a unified token-based system, seamlessly integrating over 50 renowned brands. This innovative approach not only streamlines reward management and discovery but also fosters a deeper connection with millions of users, setting the stage for expanded partnerships and enriched data-driven decision-making.

Peersyst + CBDC Wallet

CBDC Wallet

As central banks globally explore CBDCs, our CBDC Wallet emerges as a key facilitator for digital currency adoption, blending the ease of traditional banking with the innovation of blockchain. Offering features like offline transactions and QR code payments, it’s designed to integrate seamlessly into users’ lives, marking a significant step towards an inclusive, efficient digital economy set to launch in 2024.

Peersyst + Agencia Nacional de Tierras de Colombia

Colombia Land Registry

The Colombia Land Registry, leveraging XRPL for digital notarization, represents a transformative leap in certifying land ownership. This groundbreaking initiative enhances transparency and trust, addressing historical complexities and conflict-related displacements. Recognized by Time Magazine as one of the Best Inventions, it signifies a pivotal shift towards secure, efficient land registration, empowering citizens with undeniable proof of ownership.

Peersyst + Colombia Central Bank

Colombia Wholesale – CBDC

Central banks representing over 90% of the world’s GDP are exploring or implementing CBDCs, recognizing it as a transformative trend in the financial landscape. Discover our collaboration with Banco de la República de Colombia, where Peersyst and Ripple, pilot a leading-edge wholesale CBDC solution. This initiative leverages Ripple’s CBDC platform and XRPL technology to revolutionize high-value payment systems.

Peersyst + Ripple

XRPL EVM Sidechain

The XRPL EVM Sidechain marries XRPL’s decade of secure, efficient operations with Ethereum’s smart contract prowess, unlocking new horizons for development and application. By integrating EVM compatibility, it broadens XRPL’s utility, inviting an extensive array of DApps and innovations. This fusion not only leverages XRPL’s transactional strengths but also connects it with a vast ecosystem of EVM-compatible platforms, fostering unprecedented opportunities.