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Peersyst is a leading company in the blockchain sector, specializing in developing, maintaining, and evolving blockchain protocols. Our genesis was in working closely with various blockchain protocols, and over the years, we’ve broadened our services to serve corporate and public sector clients that leverage blockchain as a powerful tool for their operations. Despite this expansion, our work with blockchain protocols remains the cornerstone of our business, supplying us with the deep, hands-on experience and comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology necessary to accomplish integration projects for all our clients. This page presents some of our most significant projects that demonstrate our capabilities and achievements in this field.

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XRPL EVM Sidechain

The first XRP Ledger sidechain compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), sharing the same 3.5-second block time as the main XRPL network. Governed by a proof-of-authority model similar to XRPL’s main network, this sidechain uses Comet BFT as its consensus algorithm, supports 1,000 transactions per second, and guarantees one-block finalization time. It brings the entirety of web3 applications to XRPL by being fully EVM-compatible.


This bridge connects the XRPL mainnet with the EVM sidechain, allowing for smooth transfer of any ERC-20 or IOU between chains. Interestingly, both the sidechain and the mainnet utilize the same base crypto – bridged XRP – as gas. A complex and vital blockchain component, it demands special attention due to being a frequent hacking target. Additionally, it incorporates faucet support for testing purposes.

Wallets and libraries

We have developed non-custodial wallets for XRPL, NEAR Protocol, Nervos, and NEM. Beyond storing and sending crypto and NFTs, we have integrated signer functionality to interact with the dApp ecosystems of NEAR and Nervos. These wallets also incorporate on-ramps to facilitate user journeys.

Opt-in Protocol

Launched in March 2021, the open-source Opt-in protocol successfully migrated the equivalent of $7bn XEM tokens from the NEM NIS1 blockchain to the Symbol blockchain, along with all the data associated with previous multisignature accounts and registered domains (namespaces). This optional migration was a significant milestone in the blockchain migration sphere.

More Projects Await on Our GitHub!

Peersyst is dedicated to advancing blockchain technology through our extensive range of open-source projects. We invite you to delve into our GitHub repository to discover the full spectrum of our contributions. Your insights and contributions are invaluable to us as we collaborate to shape the future of blockchain.

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Quick answers to questions you may have.

What projects has Peersyst undertaken?

Peersyst has engaged in a broad spectrum of blockchain projects, from tailoring enterprise solutions and building non-custodial wallets to developing new blockchains and bridges. Our experience spans various applications, showcasing our ability to tackle diverse challenges within the blockchain domain.

On which networks has Peersyst developed projects?

Our project portfolio spans multiple blockchain networks, including XRPL, Polygon, Ethereum, NEAR Protocol, NEM, and Nervos. This experience reflects our flexibility and expertise in leveraging the strengths of various platforms to meet project objectives.

What is the extent of Peersyst's experience in the field?

Our team has been immersed in blockchain development since 2016, showcasing a pioneering spirit and deep expertise in the field. This extensive experience underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in blockchain technology.

Can Peersyst customize blockchain solutions for specific protocol requirements?

Yes, customization is integral to our approach. We start each project with a deep analysis to ensure the solutions we develop are perfectly tailored to meet and exceed our clients’ specific needs and protocol requirements.