Since the first generation of the blockchain, which saw the use of blockchain for cryptocurrency transactions, the technology has evolved. In its second generation, interesting ways to take advantage of it began to be considered, including those that we apply today to the tourism sector.
This brings us to the concept of Smart Contract, or any type of transaction that uses the blockchain to eliminate intermediaries and reduce costs and time. But what are these transactions in the field of tourism?

Blockchain applications in the travel sector

In a field in which so much data is moved and so many actors are involved, such as the travel sector, the blockchain has become an essential alternative to other methods. Its high security and the reduction of time and expense make it particularly attractive to the industry and users. Its applications include:

Secure, efficient and cost-effective transactions

In tourism, companies from several countries are often involved. Thanks to the blockchain , data is protected and currency exchanges, whose value is subject to market volatility, are avoided.

Loyalty programmes

 Hotels, airlines and other companies in the tourism sector often have points and rewards programmes. Until now, the user has found it impossible to link this data; now, it would be possible to make it available on a public network also open to travel agencies and other companies in the sector.

Baggage traceability control

Luggage passes through many locations and facilities, and it is relatively easy to lose it. The blockchain makes it possible to monitor their journey at all times.

More efficient check in

When checking in luggage, boarding the plane, arriving at the hotel: how many times do you have to show your documents on a trip? The blockchain makes it possible to unify these operations at a decentralized point, which not only makes the process more efficient, but also increases security.

Reduced travel costs

This technology makes it possible to move from the classic method in which each service is contracted separately to having a fraud-free access point to all these services.

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