The fintech sector encompasses technology that facilitates, streamlines and optimises processes related to finance. In this sense, security and transparency are two aspects that must be taken into account and that must be contemplated in every solution applied to the sector.
This is precisely why the blockchain has become the sector’s great ally, as its applications offer great advantages. But what are they?

Blockchain applications in the fintech sector

Reducing costs, guaranteeing the security of operations, eliminating intermediaries and optimal information management are some of the objectives of working with blockchain in the sector. Beyond cryptocurrencies, these are some of the uses that blockchain has in the financial sector:

More secure and reliable transactions

If there is one thing blockchain uses in all sectors have in common, it is the goal of ensuring transparency and security in transactions. Given the sensitivity of the data handled in the fintech sector, this is especially relevant in this case.

Digital payments without geographical limits

With traditional methods, transferring money from one country to another is often a complicated operation that can take a long time to complete and even entail significant costs. The advantage of blockchain is that it eliminates this geographical limit, so that any international transaction is much simpler.

Digital identity

Of course, the user has to identify himself in order to carry out certain transactions. However, having a single digital identity, thanks to the blockchain, which can be used with all service providers is undoubtedly an advantage and a way of simplifying processes.

More efficient transactions and lower costs

This is achieved thanks to the elimination of intermediaries that is achieved by working in blockchain. By dispensing with them, the transaction is faster and the costs derived from their work can even be minimised.

Reliable information for investors and auditors

As mentioned  above, the blockchain makes it possible to guarantee that the information has not been altered, which provides security and transparency for investors and auditors. Thanks to this easily accessible information, investors can access all the necessary details before making a decision and auditors have the possibility of detecting inconsistencies and verifying transactions based on reliable and up-to-date data.

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