About us

Our team works with you from the requirements engineering phase, design and modeling of the solution, definition of 2nd layer protocols, private or open source development until the start of production. Thanks to our wide range of solutions and products focused on the main use cases, we can develop blockchain solutions of the highest level in record time.


we are

We are a company dedicated 100% to the development of blockchain projects with a team with more than 5 years of experience developing this type of solutions.

Our team is made up of senior developers in all fields and with extensive experience in blockchain technology. These components are key to achieve the most exclusive and excellent results in the projects we participate in.

Blockchain since 2016

We have been working with Blockchain technology since 2016, always on the development side

from 10+ different countries

We work with clients from all over the world, without borders or limits

30+ Projects Delivered

We have experience and success in the delivery of multiple projects that guarantee us

Team Based in Barcelona

Our team is born from the most prestigious universities in computer engineering in Barcelona

"Peersyst works to research, define and develop the most advanced and robust layers of software on top of Blockchain technology in order to facilitate its usability, integration and adoption in the real world for all businesses and organizations."

Ferran Prat

CEO and Co-Founder

Our mission

Our values


With the same base of Blockchain technology, Peersyst works transparently with all its clients and communities. If possible in open-source, or failing that, publishing the projects we work on in different media, we always push technology openly and transparently.


We are fully committed to our clients and communities. When we work on a project or technology, deadlines and involvement to achieve success are key. Peersyst works to achieve 100% success cases in all its collaborations


Excellence is a goal that we constantly pursue. In an environment as evolutionary and open-source as the blockchain, it is essential that all developers work with the strictest programming practices to facilitate cooperation and scalability of all projects.


Blockchain technology faces very significant usability challenges by definition. For this reason, all of our products prioritize ease, similarity, and simplicity in the use of technology to create enjoyable experiences that drive mass adoption.

Got an idea?

We love hearing new ideas and helping with our technological knowledge. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Our team

Meet Our Squad's

Our team is made up of development squads made up of the most expert and senior software engineers specialized in Blockchain technology.

Learn about all the roles of the team that allow us to work in all the verticals of your project, from requirements engineering to the production launch of your product, going through the phases of design, development and definition of second layer Blockchain protocols.

Our tech stack

Peersyst developers have worked on a wide variety of blockchain programming languages, technologies, frameworks, and protocols.

How we work

Work with Peersyst

The Peersyst team has more than 5 years of experience in the development of blockchain projects in all types of chains and sectors.

Work directly with one of the most expert and exclusive teams on the current blockchain scene and benefit from all our tools and know-how for your project.


The first step to a successful software launch is to build a good foundation. Defining a project through requirements engineering is an essential first step.


The design phase is one of the most important in the current blockchain scene. We are obsessed with getting the UX / UI that facilitates the adoption of technology and creates simple and intuitive experiences for your audience.


The development phase not only consists of building and bringing your projects to life, but also contemplates a technological vision for the future growth of your products to guarantee their scalability and excellence in programming practices.


The process never ends. Once the initial solution is developed, a constant process of iteration and growth is entered to cover new areas or improve the functionalities of your product.