The dHealth Mobile Wallet is one of the first softwares and access portals to the world of dHealth.

It consists of a wallet designed for the end user, completely focused on providing support and functionality to all the actions that need to be carried out quickly and easily. For this, the Mobile application has a very usable and simple interface, capable of generating a wallet and making a backup quickly thanks to the dHealth Paper Wallets as well as importing one if it had already been created previously.

1. Stay up to date with dHealth Network: 
Quickly check your balance, DHP fluctuation and
the most important news from the community.
2. Collect and view tokens on the dHealth Network
3. Send DHP or tokens 
from the dHealth network quickly, even without paying commissions!
4- Save your most important contacts 
and addresses in the address book to locate them
5. Filter and view all your transactions in detail

and ...

6. Get more DHP
by participating in the Staking! Now you can delegate your balance starting at just 2,000DHP to start earning block rewards!
Now available for both Android and iOS