Day by day, blockchain is an increasingly popular technology that is extending its uses to different applications and sectors. Transport and logistics are no exception, as blockchain helps to simplify and optimise processes linked to this field.
The possibilities are many, as blockchain helps to ensure security and efficiency in all operations. But what are its specific applications?

Blockchain applications in the transport  sector

Reducing intermediaries, increasing the efficiency of processes between different companies, locating goods at any point along the route… The blockchain helps to make any process related to the transport of goods easier.
These are some of its applications:

Traceability  of goods

Thanks to the blockchain, all operations are recorded without the possibility of modification. In this way, it is easy to consult the register to find out the location of the goods at any time. This also improves the customer experience, who can access reliable information about their order whenever they want.

Automation of inter-company processes

It is common for transport operations to involve several companies. The use of smart contracts makes it possible to automate and optimise common processes.

Paperless documents and payments

The blockchain makes it possible to eliminate papel documents and manage bureaucracy and payments through smart contracts. In fact, it even makes it possible to use a digital identity to access certain legal documents. This increases both efficiency and, of course, security.

Reduction of intermediaries

One of the characteristics of the blockchain, in all sectors, is that eliminates intermediaries as far as possible. This results in smoother communication and, therefore, better time management.

Ready to discover all the possibilities that blockchain offers the transport sector?
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Would you like to discover all the possibilities that blockchain offers to the transport sector?

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