There are many sectors in which blockchain has already demonstrated its potential. Health, education… are just some of the areas that have begun to exploit its possibilities, as is the field that concerns us here: telecommunications.
In a field in which a large amount of data is moved and in which it is common to find a large number of intermediaries, having a technology that minimises the number of entities involved in the process and increases security offers interesting possibilities. What are they? Find out below.

Blockchain applications in the telecommunications sector

While many of these possibilities are yet to be explored, we do see a trend towards using blockchain in roaming processes. Equally, we can see its potential to increase the security of operations and take advantage of the opportunities presented by emerging and growing technologies such as IoT and 5G.
Here is a breakdown of some of its key applications:

Reducing intermediaries

The blockchain makes it possible to minimise the number of entities involved in each transaction. As in other sectors, this translates directly into greater efficiency and reduced costs.

Fraud-free roaming

Without blockchain, roaming presents a problem: an asymmetry in the information available to operators in both countries, which, in the absence of common data, can lead to fraud. Unifying data management thanks to the blockchains minimises risks in this regard.

More efficient billing processes

The use of smart contracts allows all parties to reach agreements easily and on the spot. This increases efficiency in all billing processes.

Implementing emerging technologies such as loT and 5G

The blockchain also has interesting applications when it comes to leveraging other emerging technologies such as loT and 5G. For example, in the case of loT, it plays an important role in ensuring security and simplifying the process.

Would you like to discover all the applications that blockchain can have in the telecommunications sector?
Get in touch with us.

Would you like to discover all the possibilities that blockchain offers to the telecommunications sector?

Get in touch with us.

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