The education sector involves multiple actors who have to coordinate to carry out various processes: from the recording of grades and certificates to the payment of scholarships. All of this entails costs, time and a risk of errors that can have unintended and, in many cases, serious consequences.
This is where blockchain and all its possibilities come into play, covering both cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. What are these options?

Blockchain applications in the education sector

In a key sector that involves so many people and organizations, the blockchain is aimed at reducing paperwork and costs, as well as ensuring the transparency of all operations. It also offers innovative possibilities that could even open the door to new initiatives.
Some of its uses are:

Secure and transparent records

Thanks to the blockchain, paper certificates can be replaced by fully digitized and verifiable documents. Not only is it easier for the student to access them, but transparency is also ensured. Future employers or organizations considering candidates for a scholarship can easily check the information provided by the applicant and avoid falsifications.

Storage efficiency and optimization

A school stores a large  amount of sensitive data. Storing them locally implies the need for a lot of space, as well as a risk if there is a computer problem. Hiring space in the cloud, on the other hand, reduces risks, but entails a considerable expense to cover the needs. The blockchain, however, appears as a solution to both problems.

Payments with cryptocurrencies

In the education sector, payments can involve the student, the parents and even organizations, public or not, that grant scholarships for studies. Cryptocurrencies, which can even be customized for this purpose, open the door to simplify these processes.

Gamification and rewards with tokens

there are already cases of educational centers that reward their students with tokens for good performance or for completing objectives. With these tokens, usually, the student can buy books or access more content, so that the educational experience continues.

Traceability of publications, papers, etc

If a final paper is submitted via the blockchain, there is no chance of it getting lost or confused. This optimizes the evaluation process for students. The same goes for university publications: since everything is recorded, it is easy to detect if an idea has already been published before and even cases of plagiarism.

Do you want to discover all the options that blockchain offers in the education sector?
Get in touch with us.

Would you like to discover all the possibilities that blockchain offers to the education sector?

Get in touch with us.

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