There is no doubt that the construction sector is complex. Between the construction company and the client, several actors go through the process: suppliers, subcontractors… That is why having a tool like blockchain technology, which allows managing information efficiently and securely, is of great value.
But what are the options that blockchain offers in this area?

Blockchain applications in the construction industry

It allows greater control of resources, human and material, favors a collaborative work methodology, in whose center are the efficiency and customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, optimizes processes that would be much more complex without the existence of this technology.
Some of its applications are:

Take the BIM methodology to level 3

This implies a collaborative working method that overcomes obstacles present in the previous levels, such as information that overlaps or does not reach the right people. Managing it by blockchain makes this no longer a problem.

Traceability of the supply chain

If the quality of a material fails, where did the error occur? Both to solve problems and to settle responsibilities, if necessary, having this information is essential. In fact, doing so can sometimes even help to anticipate such problems.

Resource control

Have more materials been used than planned? How many people were needed to carry out the work? Having these and other data, unalterable, is important to justify the performance of resources and calculate how many resources are needed for each project.

Human Resources Management

Especially when subcontracting personnel, this is critical. The blockchain, used well, provides information on who enters and leaves the site. Does it comply with the established processes? Does it follow safety standards? Knowing all this allows you to prevent accidents and unwanted events, but also to resolve conflicts if necessary.

Manage Suppliers

Who offers the best conditions? Is there a supplier that has delivered late? This type of data is necessary to make certain decisions, and the blockchain allows access to it.

Sustainable constructions thanks to evironmental parameters

The blockchain, as mentioned above, offers all kinds of information, secure and unalterable. An example of this is the data related to environmental factors, concerning the machinery and the work itself. Accessing this information makes it easier to do a more sustainable job and to justify this action to third parties with proven and verifiable facts.

Paymen Automation

As in all sectors, smart contracts make it possible to automate payments and make this process more efficient.

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