Peersyst in Kenya: Mentoring in Africa DAO Gender Hackathon and Tech for Good

Blockchain technology is much more than an immutable database for recording monetary transactions. In recent years, it has allowed the generation of large and extensive international communities, which cover all corners of the world, which have been connected in a completely transversal way to their culture, gender or identity and which have established a new type of relationship of trust in all the planet.

A great example of this is found in the Africa DAO present on Harmony One as well as the Polygon Network. A DAO (for its acronym Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is nothing more than a group that carries out actions and governance in a decentralized manner, based on a participation that may or may not be anonymous and that constitutes a digital representation, which is established through key signatures. symmetric, through a wallet, which allow actions such as voting, allocation of funds, registration of information, belonging to a specific group or community.

Africa DAO

The objective of the Africa DAO is therefore to facilitate the arrival and adoption of Blockchain technology, protocols and tools throughout the African continent, especially in the most difficult places to reach and generate a positive impact that can make a difference in the lives of many people.

The Africa DAO organized a hackathon on April 8-10, 2022, with the theme of «gender equality» at the iHub in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. The hackathon had more than 100 participants, distributed in a total of more than 20 mixed teams where, for 3 days, they worked on a technological solution, based on the Harmony or Polygon Blockchain to solve problems with a great local focus, related to the gender equality.

From Peersyst an alliance has been established with the Africa DAO, created and directed by the Ph.D. Eduard Peris together with a total of 9 governors present at the DAO to offer support to all these activities through mentoring and training during the hackathons, where we were able to share part of our technological expertise and learn from the knowledge of the local teams.

The Peersyst CTO had the opportunity to give a talk about Ether.js and Web3 to facilitate the connection and integration of projects with the blockchain. Finally, an evaluation of the projects was made and it was possible to collaborate in establishing the scores of the winning projects.

The event ended with great general satisfaction, with up to 3 prizes over $1,000 and several teams started to continue iterating the development of their products. From Peersyst, we want to thank the Africa DAO for the invitation and congratulate the excellent organization in all areas to carry out an event of this size and characteristics, as well as the sponsors Harmony, Polygon and Binance for their role and support of the technology and local talent.

See you in the next edition, Africa DAO!