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Welcome to the Peersyst academy portal. If you are initiated or want to begin to understand the characteristics of Blockchain technology, this is your portal. Learn the theoretical bases of blockchain technology with our courses and if you are a developer you can put them into practice with the exercises on our Github.

Our courses

Introduction to Blockchain and its use cases

Learn the basics of Blockchain technology from its foundations. In this lesson we explain how Bitcoin works, the first blockchain in history, and the most important concepts it has brought to understand the foundations, benefits, and challenges of using the decentralized chain. Finally, discover all the types of architectures and approaches that make up the current chains and understand their main use cases in the main sectors of impact.

Programming with XRP Ledger and its native functionalities

The XRP ledger is the second blockchain ledger launched after Bitcoin with the aim of optimizing its main use case and focus: Payments.
Discover all the advantages and improvements of the XRP ledger, its main components and how to program intelligent transactions thanks to its pre-build functionalities that allow the generation of fast, cheap, programmable and global payment systems.